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Tender No : 2018_IDS_405561_1
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Product Detail : Supply of Oks240-Copaslip-250 Gm-Upto 110 Es6031d-2700556000, Oks 200 Molykote-250 Gm Upto 450 Deg C Es6031d- 2700557000, Valve Guide Es6031d-2702322000, O Ring-Exh. Valve Guide-60 C7,Id 18x2.5 Es6031d-2702325000, Washer Copper Es6031d-5050819000, Washer Copper Es6031d-5050835000, Copper Washer(60x68) Es6031d-5050851000, Schnor Washer Es6031d-5052710000, Inlet Valve Es6031d-7007587000, Ring Ms 29513/126,60c7,Nse 6.531 Es6031d-7204010000, Thermistor Protection Relay, Aux. Voltage 415v Es6031d-7290310000, O Ring For Inspection Door- L=1300 Mm Long Es6031d- 7435715000, O'ring D=8,21a7,L 12cm Es6031d-7446602000, Mcb,5sx4 Type, 10ka, 2p, Current 10a,Type C, Siemens, 5sx421079 Es6031d-E302702045, Engine Speed Indicator (0-1250 Rpm)96x96 Es6031d- 8191116001, Needle Roller Bearing Es6031d-7935019000, Displaying And Protection Module Es6031d-7690427000, O Ring Es6031d-7900109000, Bush Es6031d-7900111000, Compression Ring Es6031d-7902401000, Inlet Valve Seat Es6031d-7902903000, Exhaust Valve Seat Es6031d-7902906000, Cylinder Head Gasket Es6031d-7902932000, Spring Es6031d-7903108000, Outside Spring Es6031d-7903109000, Half Clamping Collar Es6031d-7903186000, Screw With Pad Es6031d-7903328000, Sealing Product Glue 1005l Es6031d-7903476000, Screw With Pad Es6031d-7903480000, Nitrile Cord D7 1123l Es6031d-7903626000, Copper Washer 8x22x1.5 Es6031d-7903805000, Piston Ring Es6031d-7904006000, O Ring, Ms 29-513/226,2147,Nse 6.531 Es6031d-7904010000, Injector Tappet Es6031d-7904104000, Spring Es6031d-7904105000, Ring D164 3.5d Nse 6.531 60c7 Es6031d-7904115000, Bs Ring Es6031d-7904117000, Injector Gasket Es6031d-7904118000, Bush Viton Es6031d-7904119000, O-Ring D135 3d Nse6,531 60c7 Es6031d-7904121000, Connection Es6031d-7904222000, O Ring Es6031d-7904314000, Fuel Pump Filter Es6031d-7904625000, O Ring Es6031d-7904628000, Metafarm Bush Bp25-16/20x20 Es6031d-7904808000, Ring (Oil Seal) Es6031d-7904810000, Ball Bearing Skf6307 Es6031d-7904911000, O Ring No An58 Nse6.5 21a7 Es6031d-7904924000, Gasket Es6031d-7907702000, Gasket For Exh Es6031d-7907804000, Clamping Collar Es6031d-7907949000, Gasket Es6031d-7908705000, Paper Insert Es6031d-7915253000, O Ring 1d 111x3.5 Nitrile Es6031d-7915294000, Viton Oil Seal (15x30x10) Es6031d-7916150000, O Ring Es6031d-7916151000, O Ring An21 Nse 6.5 60c7 Es6031d-7916152000, Indiactor Cock Assembly Es6031d-7923850000, Ball Bearing Es6031d-7935015000, Scrapper Ring Es6031d-8019215000, Push Button (Alarm Test)Yellow Colour Es6031d- 8191256000, Diode Module Es6031d-8191258000, Indication Lamp (Red) Es6031d-8191260000, Indication Lamp (Yellow) Es6031d-8191259000, Engine Speed Indicator 0-1250m Rpm 144x144 Es6031d- 8191112001, Shft Speed Ndicator 0-1000 Rpm 1240 144x144 Es6031d- 8191112002, O Ring 1d 158.5x2.5 Nitrile Es6031d-7915250000, Washer Es6031d-7935031000, Proximity Sensor Es6031d-8102702000, Magnetic Sensor Es6031d-8104408000, Distributor Iso Pneumatic/Pneumatic Es6031d- 8191113000, Mmi Graphic Terminal (10.4 Inch Tft Colour Monitor) Es6031d-8191205000, Inst.Relay 4 C/O Contacts + Socket 24 Vdc Coil With Ba Es6031d-Ex03300103, Pressure Transmitter Danfoss Mbs 5100 0-10 Bar Es6031d-8191511000, Pressure Gauge Forbes Marsh Ss316 0-10 Bar Glyf Fil ~ .
Document Sale To : 26-11-2018 at 10:00 Hrs
Location : Andaman And Nicobar - India
Document Path : Click Here For Detailed Information
Tender Value : Rs. 12840712
EMD : Rs. 257000
Closing Date : 29/12/2018 at 00:00 Hrs.
Opening Date : 31/12/2018 at 10:00 Hrs.
Sub-Industry : Non Classified   
Ownership : Non classified   
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Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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